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2018 10 17

Very exciting time - only several days left and we will have amazing and unforgettable event  - Aleksandras Fedotovas competition of saxophonists and musical evenings in Vilnius. A lot of good music, good people, positive emotions and professional musicians.

The event will be opened with Jam Session in Jazz Cellar 11, in the heart of Vilnius. It will start on October 26, from 21:30

The competition will start on October 27  from 10:00.

The place of a competition -The National M.K.Čiurlionis School of Art

During a competition time there will be workshop with  - it will start at 15:30 till 17:30

After that there will be awards of participants and musical evening dedicated to Aleksandras Fedotovas. People who respected and loved Aleksandras Fedotovas present the last gift for Him in musical language or just in a few words...

And yet, we will have great guest from Poland - fascinated first lady with saxophone - Alina Mlecko

2018 09 05

I'm happy to announce that our event - International Aleksandras Fedotovas Competition of saxophonists is coming step by step and we already have great team of jury  -  wonderful musicians from different countries - the Head of Jury prof.Petras Vyšniauskas ( Lithuania), and amazing Deniss Pashkevich (Latvia)(,, and Berndt Shille (Germany). Some of the best participants of the competition will be awarded by special prizes of Bernd Shille and Deniss Pashkevich. And yet, there will be very interesting workshop by Bernd Shille.

One more thing - maybe we will have one more wonderful member of jury, but may it be a little secret yet.

Without any doubt, the will be amazing, unforgettable and very professional weekend in Vilnius,  2018 October 26-28 -  International  prof. Aleksandras Fedotovas Competition of saxophonists will be held in a heart of Lithuanian capital of arts -  Vilnius,

Further more during that weekend the will be few amazing concerts and master classes of saxophone - International and very professional masters of saxophone will take part in that project.

The event will be beautiful and creative.

We are waiting for everybody, who loves professional and good music, and are in love with saxophone.

And of course, it is a great chance to visit very cozy, compact and fascinated capital of Lithuania - Vilnius.

Hope You will enjoy all that!

More detailed information will be soon.

or, maybe someone is reading all that right now and just decided to take part in competition?

then follow information below

Professor Aleksandras Fedotovas International Competition of saxophonists

2018 October 26-28th


General Guidelines Of The Competition

A purpose of the competition is to pay respect and remembrance of a bright Lithuanian jazz saxophone veteran, wonderful pedagogue and composer Aleksandras Fedotovas and offer opportunity to young talented saxophonists to tryout their abilities among other piers, encourage professional development of young local and international saxophonists, propagate publics interest of saxophone music, international friendship and collaboration. The competition will take place every 2 years.

Requirements of the participants

Age limit is 25 years (younger than 26 years on a 26th of October 2018) The participants can enter competition from local and international private and public music schools such as art schools, conservatories, gymnasiums, academies and universities. Participants will be divided into groups according to their age and specialized music school curriculum programs. (art schools, conservatories,academies/universities)

I.                   Art school, gymnasium students will be divided into three groups:

Group I 12 years old and younger.

Group II ages from13 to 15 years old.

Group III from 16 to 19 years old.

II.         Specialized music curriculum schools, conservatories, academies and universities into 4 age groups:

 Group I 12 years old and younger.

 Group II ages from 13 to 15 years old.

 Group III ages from 16 to 19 years old.

 Group IV ages from 19 to 25 years old.






Terms of the competition


Competition must be public.

One round. Participants must play a required tune by memory.

Juri decisions are final.

The competition and prescreening can be recorded into an audio and video media and transmitted on radio and television without any fees to participants of the competition.



Competition Program

Participants from music and art schools:

Two different characters (music styles), one of it must be mandatory

Group I:

Sax-alt - M.Marchesi. Moderato

Sax-tenor, soprano - M.Marchesi. Moderato


Group II:

Sax-alt - A.Crepin. “Les jeux de panda”

Sax- tenor, soprano - A. Crepin. “Nuits blanches”


Group III:

Sax-alt - J. B.Couroyer, (ar. A.Crepin). “Polichinelle”

Sax- tenor, soprano - J. B.Couroyer, (ar. A.Crepin). “Polichinelle”



Group I till 5 min.

Group II till 6 min.

Group III till 8 min.



Participants from Specialized music curriculum schools, conservatories, academies and universities

Group I:

a) Eugene Bozza – Aria altiniam saksofonui ir fortepijonui

b) Pierre Max Dubois – „Dix figures a danser“ little balet for  alt sax and piano: 1. Gaillarde, 2. Danse Graciesue, 3. Virelai arba -  4. Bransle, 5. Pavane, 6. Passepied, arba -  7. Complainte, 8. Rigaudon, 9. Menuet Vif, 10. Intermezzo.

c) Pierre Max Dubois –Pièces Caractéristiques En Forme De Suite Op.77 alt sax and piano: 3. A La Française arba 4. A La Russe


Group II:

a) Dvi pjesės iš Paul Maurice - „Tableaux de Provence“ siuitos : „Cansoun per ma mio / Chanson pour ma mie“ ir „La boumiano / La bohémienne“ – alt sax and piano.

b) Henri Busser – „Asturias“ Sur Des Thèmes Espagnols, Op. 84 alt sax and piano

c) André Jolivet - Fantaisie Impromptu alt sax and piano.

d) Hyacinthe Klosé - „Madrid“ arba „Melodie Suisse“ alt sax and piano.

e) Graham Fitkin -  „Bob“ soprano sax and piano. 

f) Pierre Max Dubois – Grave et Scherzo Mécanique alt sax and piano


Group III:

a) Robert Planel - Prélude et Saltarelle alt sax and piano.

b) Yuriy Chugunov – „Suite of moods“ alt sax and piano: 1. „Confusion“ or 3. „Dreams“ and 4. „Joy“ .

c) Yuriy Chugunov – „Suite of moods“ tenor sax: 1. „Confusion“.

d)  Pedro Iturralde -  Suite Hellénique alt, tenor or soprano sax and piano.

e) Jean-Baptiste Singelée -  Caprice soprano or tenor sax and piano.

f) Pierre Max Dubois – Grave et Scherzo Mécanique alt sax and piano.


Group I till 6 min.

Group II iki 8 min.

Group III iki 12 min.


Group IV:


  1. One of mandatory  (choose from list)
  2. Freely selectable with acomponiment  
  3. Solo or improvisation.


List :

a)  Phil Woods - Sonata alt sax and piano – part I or part IV.

b) Paul Creston - Sonata alt sax and piano – part I or  II – III parts.

c) Bernhard Heiden - Sonata alt sax and piano – part I or II – III parts.

d) Faustas Latėnas – Rondo sonata alt sax and piano

e) Claude Debussy – L’Isle joyeuse soprano sax and piano

f) Denis Bedard – Fantazija soprano sax and piano 

g) Raminta Šerkšnytė – „Adieu“ soprano sax solo

h) Robert Muczynski – Sonata alt sax and piano

i) Mikhail Raukhverger – Koncertas tenor sax and orkestra  – IIId. Final

j) Heitor Villa – Lobos – Fantazija soprano or tenor sax: I or II – III parts 

k) Richard Rodney Bennett – Sonata soprano (tenor) sax and pianoi: I – II or III – IV parts.

Criteria for the best performance of the competition:

Special attention will be focused on these musical elements and techniques:

Notation precision and interpretation of a required tune.

Precise intonation and articulation according to required tempo of the musical piece.

Sound quality, proper breathing, phrasing and dynamics.

Style and artistic expression.


Arrangements of the competition

The competition is organized by Professor Aleksandras Fedotovas daughter Ilona and public company  VšĮ“Vertybių Medis” ( The Tree of Values) ( It is the last gift of Aleksandras Fedotovas loved daughter Ilona to her loved Father...

Partners of the event are The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, The National M.K.Ciurlionis School of Arts, The Lithuanian Academy of Arts, The Lithuanian Association of Musicians, Mr. Saulius Karosas Charity Fund and other. Every time we have more and more partners and good will people, who join to our beautiful project.

Competion and concerts will take place from 26 to 28th of October 2018 in Vilnius at competition’s partners concert halls. The more details of the event will be provided in a near future. Applications to participate in a competition can be submitted before 30th of September 2018 by email Applicants must submit one document photo and a copy of personal identification document

The competition’s Juri will be selected and announced by competition organizers.

Participant application fee amount is 40 eur

Participants are responsible for travel, lodging and food expenses. Discounted lodging will be offered by request at National M.K. Ciurlionis Scool of the Arts dormitories. Ph. +370 2100 760 email: (please contact in advance) or you can contact Ilona Juciene – Aleksandras Fedotovas daughter and organizator of competition at any time you like:

Accompanists will be available on demand for additional fee of 50Eur (The fee will include the concert and two rehearsals)

Prizes for competition finalists.

All participants will receive memorabilia about the competition. The amount of finalists will not exceed a half of a total of all participants. Top winners will get certificates of their accomplishment, monitory and other prizes. The best ones will be awarded with money prizes. Exact ammount will be announced several weeks before competition.

Concerts and Workshops Besides the competition,

Workshops and concerts will take place during the event – International and very proffesional masters of saxophone will take part in our project. The event will end with the final concert in memory of A.A. Professor A. Fedotovas.

We are sure, the will be amazing, beautiful and unforgettable weekend in Vilnius.

Hope, You will enjoy it!



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