A.F. - Aleksandras Fedotovas (1949 - 2017) one of the brightest Lithuanian saxophonist, classical saxophone and jazz

player and creator. His performing style is characterized by excellent sound culture, clarity of though, consistency of improvisation, perfect technique and viable balance between emotions and musical logic.

From beginning to end Aleksandras was great and wise musician, teacher of music and life. He passed away very suddenly but piece of Him are still alive inside of us - his family, music partners and students.
This page is created by His loved daughter Ilona and her dream is that Aleksandras Fedotovas will stay alive between
us for a long time. Aleksandras was very shy musician and has not spread His talent publicly for the last years.
This page and its content will be the last gift of His loved daughter Ilona for her loved Farther.

2018 09 05

Step by step I'm trying to come back to life everything what my Father Aleksandras Fedotovas have done with love and what he was living for. Sharing with you Wonderful creation " The Tree of Life, 1993" - my lovely father Aleksandras Fedotovas, Gintautas Abarius and Arvydas Jofee.

Thus Aleksandras and Gintautas passed away and both too young, but they will stay with us for ever....

The Tree of Life

p.s.information of page will be updated continuously